The Stumbling Stone: The Scriptural Testimony of the Divinity of Messiah - Lars Enarson
The Stumbling Stone: The Scriptural Testimony of the Divinity of Messiah - Lars Enarson
The Stumbling Stone: The Scriptural Testimony of the Divinity of Messiah - Lars Enarson

The Stumbling Stone: The Scriptural Testimony of the Divinity of Messiah - Lars Enarson

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In this much anticipated and crucial book, Lars Enarson clearly outlines the divinity of Messiah throughout Scripture. He not only shows how Jesus' oneness with the Father became a stumbling stone for Jewish leaders, Lars also reveals how our Master's humanity as a Jew and heir to the throne of David eventually became a stumbling stone for the church. We need to rediscover the Scriptural testimony of Messiah in our time!

"Behold, I am laying in Zion a stone of stumbling, and a rock of offense; and whoever believes in him will not be put to shame.”


“This is a very good summary of the argument for the full deity of Yeshua. It wonderfully parallels some of today’s best scholarship. I highly recommend it. But this is more than a summary on the deity of Yeshua. It holds out the wonderful hope for the restoration of the Jewish people. A very good book!”
Messianic Rabbi, Tikkun International Jerusalem, Israel

"This was excellent. Clear, concise, revelatory, without flaw, and a remarkable presentation of truth … I will say that your writing and revelation about the Son of God were among the most anointed and clearly written that I've ever read. To your credit, you sought God about this issue (or to God's credit, He sought and hounded you till your heart could hear Him). Then, you pursued the truth of Christ with such great zeal that many will be edified.”
Minister, Author, and Pastor

"The Stumbling Block is a timely endeavor to take a bold stand for truth without compromise in the midst of a floundering ecclesia whose foundations are gradually being whittled away. I highly recommend this book and urge you to share the truth with those close to you who might be questioning this fundamental truth of Besorah Tova – the Good News of Salvation by faith in Messiah Yeshua!"
Leader, Beit Ariel Messianic Jewish Congregation, South Africa

“Many Christian friends of Israel who dialogue with the Jewish Peo- ple are often confronted with the misconception that Christians be- lieve in three gods. When that happens, the dialogue is soon over. In searching the Scriptures, Lars Enarson has found the truth after thor- ough investigation. His quest and research for the truth has resulted in one of the most valuable studies on this subject that I’ve ever read. I highly recommend this book!”
Director, Pillar of Fire Ministries The Hague, Holland

Lars Enarson, a native of Sweden, is the founder and president of The Watchman International, a ministry dedicated to “preparing the way for Messiah, from the ends of the earth to Jerusalem.” A major part of its ministry is The Elijah Prayer Army, a worldwide network of prayer for Israel and the Middle East.

Lars has been in full time ministry since the early 1970s. He is the author of several books and a Bible teacher who travels extensively throughout the world. His passion is to see a restoration in our day of the original, apostolic gospel from Jerusalem.

Lars resides with his wife in Israel, where he produces the TV-program On the Walls of Jerusalem and a Video Prayer Alert, with prophetic insights, reports, and specific prayer points about the present situation in the Middle East. For more information, visit his web site